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Our Chocolate Collection

Our shop is home to over 200 bars and more than 40 brands of Peruvian chocolate. It is a collection of different origins, flavors, styles, and stories, and we invite you to get to know this variety with us. Here is a glimpse inside.

Peruvian Chocolate: Roots and Bars


The Faces of Chocolate

Cacao farmers, chocolate makers, and our affectionately-called chocolate farmers—get to know the forces of nature behind your chocolate bar.


Between the beautiful packaging designs and the delicious chocolate itself, it’s easy to forget about the roots of each chocolate bar. Each one has a story, and, like every story, a cast of protagonists.

At El Cacaotal, we journey to the roots of your chocolate to come face-to-face with the men and women who have dedicated themselves to the art of cacao farming and chocolate-making. Learn their names, their dreams, and the stories behind their chocolates. In the end, we suspect your chocolate might taste all the more delicious because of it!


Unparalleled Diversity

With Peru’s vast array of micro-ecosystems and broad genetic diversity, the possibilities for its cacao are endless. The results in chocolate form are equally as varied and leave visitors feeling as if they are discovering real chocolate for the first time.

Direct Relationships with Producers

Our family of cacao farmers and chocolate makers are the heart of El Cacaotal. Working with them directly helps us ensure that they develop their commercial presence and are paid fairly.

Chocolate 101

Everything about chocolate is an art: tasting it, making it, pairing it with other foods or drinks… Think of us as an interactive gallery.
Get nerdy with us! Our hands-on-workshops are designed to let your chocolate passion run wild.

Chocolate Workshops

Farmers’ stories, the history of cacao in Peru, and the gama of chocolate sensory profiles come together to immerse you in the world of Peruvian chocolate.

Arrive as a chocolate lover.
Leave as a chocolate disciple.